Don't be afraid to accessorize with custom headbands including flower crowns, seashell crowns, or something that matches the theme of your photo-shoot.

Maternity pictures are the perfect way to capture those last moments before your new baby. These are best done in the early to the mid third trimester. Please let us know if you want suggestions on ways to flatter your beautiful baby bump for your photos.

Glitter pictures and confetti pictures add magic and sparkle especially for children. We recommend all glitter pictures take place outside and for children 3 years and older.

Rainy day photo shoots can be a blast! Break out a fun umbrella and some rain-boots and we will find some puddles to splash in. We do have a clear umbrella as shown here and can bring it upon request.

Even though the sun sets early in the winter, holiday lights make the season merry and bright. When these are on display we can find your favorite location for families or couples looking to have some festive fun.

Musicians have worked hard to master their craft and their instrument can be an extension of themselves. Whether you want to pose with your instrument or have photographs of you playing, we love both!


We have these two trunks available as props for your photoshoot. Possible uses include a travel-themed session, using them to sit on, or as a treasure chest for a pirate themed shoot. 

Baskets have a variety of uses from holding fresh flowers, an egg-hunt themed shoot, or nestling a newborn baby in with some soft blankets. We have many sizes and styles to choose from.

Many toddlers and young children love sitting on this little bench! It is just their size and can fit two small children. The twig nest pictured is perfect for a newborn to be curled up in. We also have a larger size for a toddler to sit inside for a special stylized portrait session.

Hand-made baby bonnets for newborns and toddlers add a special touch to your photos. We are currently making larger sizes for children as well. We have several colors available beyond what is pictured here. Also shown is a small sampling of our fabrics and backdrops for indoor or outdoor photos. Let us know if you want any of these included in your session.

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